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Eureka coin

Because we didn’t inherit our world from our parents but borrowed from our children

Welcome to eurekacoin.net
official eureka coin website
the crypto coin was created to finance projects, research not financed by the normal banking network.

Eureka coin mission

our goal is to finance research and projects that otherwise would not have access to normal financing channels such as banks, finance, public funds, etc.!

the Eurekacoin project

the eurekacoin coin is a token of the stellar network

how to buy eurekacoin using XLM lumens

exchange to buy eurekacoin


if you have an xlm wallet with private and public key click as in figure 1 otherwise create a new wallet figure 2


if you create a new wallet, copy and secure the keys, follow fig.3.
if you already have a wallet follow fig.1 in both cases you get to fig.4 we entered the exchange.


At this point we have to activate the new wallet simply by sending XLM from another active wallet or from an exchange where to buy XLM using fiat coins, for example coinbase.
You can quickly buy XLM through visa – mastercard cards with various services. You can use this service for example:


accepts eurekacoin as in figure 5 – 6 write the name of this site:
click on EUK to accept the exchange.
Now you can start buying or selling eurekacoin


Asset Code


Issuer Account ID



to start the exchange follow fig.8 and fig.9
Click on a TRADE to place a purchase or sales order.
see example fig.10 click Buy EUK time 5 seconds per transaction, not 10 minutes for bitcoins or 3 minutes for Ethereum


for those who have problems with windows you can use the edge browser

other exchange with direct link and start the exchange click here or on the stellarport logo.

Click on the TRADE button, log in and exchange XLM with EUK